Thailand lottery HTF VIP Magic TIps 01-06-2017

Thailand lottery VIP Magic TIps 01-06-2017

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Thailand lottery HTF VIP Magic TIps 01-06-2017


First prize for all six actual numbers is a pair of million Thai monetary unit (TGL) or three million Thai monetary unit(TCL) per imprint rate. As tickets earn 22 situation unit oversubscribed in pairs, the revealed prize quantity is doubled.[26] Doubling applies to any or all prizes moreover the twenty two million and thirty million Thai monetary unit bonus prizes. There earn 22 situation unit 5 2d prizes of a hundred,000 baht, 10 third prizes of forty,000, fifty prizes of twenty,000 for fourth, a hundredten,000 Thai monetary unit prizes for fifth and a fifty,000 Thai monetary unit consolation prize for the six-digit winning range and or minus one.

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Lottery drawings on the first and sixteenth of every month are televised on National Broadcasting Products and services of Thailand and Spring News beginning at 14:30 on Spring News and 15:00 on NBT additionally simulcast on Radio Thailand Home Service. in 2016 the design additionally simulcasted on Thairath TV ranging from 14:00. In direction of the finish of the present, true sooner than sixteen:00, the winning numbers are displayed. Results are posted on The Authorities Lottery Place of job web relate.